About Me

My name isĀ Brandon Hicks. I am a web developer from New Mexico, USA. The current majority of my current projects are done as a hobbyist, for small businesses, and applying my skills and consulting at local shops.

I begin programming/scripting by working on numerous PHP projects for several years, before becoming completely disgusted with how terrible it was reading someone elses work, how I had outgrown the language, and craved something more out of a language. That was until I took a major leap and jumped into the wonderful world of programming with Ruby and its various frameworks (Rails/Sinatra).

I am currently obsessed with travel, improving my health, startups, beautiful and clean design, and first and foremost my family and children. When the sun sets and I'm able to relax, I step into another pair of shoes where I'm an avid reader, enthusiast of deviant design, and an addict of the Ruby language.

This is a personal space for me to write about things that I have experienced, personal interests, helpful hints on tasks I've performed, and opinionated rants. Because of this, my posts may vary considerably on the content and state-of-mind in the content.