Make your own Motivation

Sometimes we get the point where we experience a level of extreme burnout. We don’t want to admit it and we don’t want to step down and evaluate our lives to admit it’s true. And as humans we don’t want to make any extreme changes, especially once we’ve found a comfort zone. It may be caused by our job, our routine, or extreme stress. The burnout begins to eat away at you, it may feel like nothing and start small but you begin to notice it after a while.

But when we hit that breaking point in our burnout our world begins to spiral out of control. Once we hit that point nothing in our lives seems to bring much joy, you have make an extreme change in order to get a purpose back into your life. Sometimes you just need a new job, sometimes you need to move, usually it’s not exactly you but what is going on around you.

I for one have experienced the job ambition part, first let me say that in this town I am absolutely thankful that I even have a job. The town in which I live, relies heavily on the oilfield and gas prices to keep it a float. Yet, over the past year since prices and profits have been down. And this doesn’t just affect a few people here and there, the whole town has had to re-adjust their lives and make huge differences in way they spend their money. At the moment, in this shrinking market and in a town bleeding money, I am pretty lucky to even have a job, let alone a fairly decent job in which I can support my family.

At my current job I’ve reached the peak, locally I can’t be promoted any higher. And my days seem to just blend together, I do almost the same thing every day. I’m on a continuous repeat cycle and after a few years of doing it really begins to get to you. I’ve been working here long enough to be able to get the majority of my tasks down and out the way within a few hours. The rest of the day I’m manning the office and doing what I want. I’m not saying it’s like this all day, every day. But in order to completely avoid being burnt out I have spend a few hours here and there learning, coding, trying to get out of the loop trying to continuously do something new. But it starts to get to you after a while and you begin to question yourself “Am I happy with my life? Am I happy with what I’m doing? Is this what I want to be doing a year from now? Or maybe even 5 or 10 years from now?”.

No of course now, everyone has a passion and some of us have the motivation and drive to turn it into a career. But others spend their lives working and wishing they had done more with their lives, but once they reached that point where the found that groove at their job they settle and figured they might as well ride it out as long as they can. But why would someone settle with what they feel comfortable with, when they have potential to achieve so much more with their lives. Many people don’t want to take the risks, I know it’s scary to look around say “What if I fail at this? What will I do?”, well you’ll pick yourself back up and start over again, but this time you know where you went wrong.

My point to this post is, you don’t want to wait until you’re in an absolute state of despair to make changes in your life. If you’re feeling like your current place isn’t doing it for you anymore try to move on, do what you need to do in order to make you and those around you happy. Sometimes it’s as simple as starting to go on a walk during your lunch break in order to clear your mind. And other times it’s everything around you, because you’ve exposed yourself to a toxic environment and you need to make a major change in your career, your home, or your routine. Make your own motivation! Do something drastic, reach for those dreams and change your life. Even it’s just something simple as doing something you’re passionate at, make a change in your life even little things can make a huge difference in your view of life.