Setting Goals for 2015

Once again the new year is upon us, goals should be set in order to help us look forward to achieving something rather than just watching time pass us by. We also need to sit down and look at what we’ve actually done within the last year. Have I wasted more time that I should have, of course we all have. But have we taken the necessary steps to get done what we wanted to? Probably not, we’ve started in the right direction.


Within the next year I plan on increasing my blgo posts dramatically. I plan on going from a skimming post every few months, to hopefully as much as a I can. I’m setting a goal of one every few weeks. And not just when I want to express myself, but when I learn and/or try something new that may help other people as well.


We all do it, we get out of our groove and get stuck in a rut, so we play games, read blog posts, browe reddit,twitter, facebook, or whatever else. And it takes an actual act of God to get us back to what needs to be done. And after those hours, days, and/or weeks were wasted we have huge regets or not having anything to show for it. I plan on managing my time better, getting more done, and actually releasing a few of my projects into production stage. Rather than working late nights, getting nothing done, and having nothing to show for all my time.


We’ve all got family (well a lot of us), we know how it feels having to drop everying in the middle of a project, right when your getting your groove. Just to find out you were called away just to see someones XBOX instant replay or tie a shoe. I love my kids and plan on trying to give them the utmost attention and love that I can this year. Even if it takes away from my productivity and/or learning. They don’t stay young forever and once they hit their teen years who wants to spent time with their parents anyways, right? I want to enjoy my children while I can.