Nurture It Like a Garden

Kumquat Tree

As of recently I have been building and growing a small vegetable garden for my family. My children love the idea of putting work into it something quite so amazing: digging up the dirt, playing the seeds and plant buds, watering, and taking responsibility for a small living object that will someday be rewarding them for their effort. But in the meantime they have to put time, effort, and tender love and care into taking care of the plants.

This is very much like any project you may work on. It usually starts out as a small idea, like planting a seed in your mind.

It begins by putting a lot of effort into turning that idea into something real, that idea begins to grow into something fruitful and full of life. But in order for your idea to grow into something big and wonderful you need to take care of it, feed it, nourish it, and look after it until it flourishes into something wonderful. But once it’s alive and growing you can’t just forget about it. You have to look after it, tend to it, make sure it doesn’t get out of control, and is well fed.

Once an application has reached a satisifing level of use and income you don’t just forget about it and hope it can maintain itself for the long run. Trends and technology are always advancing, needs, requirements, and desires are always growing. One day your application may be the top of its category and tomorrow it could be a long forgotten memory of the past (just look at how fast the social web has jumped around in the past few years). In other words, if you believe in your idea and dreams don’t let it dwindle and die. Build that idea, make it more than a dream, make it into something that will be used by someone other than yourself. Success isn’t achieved by just planting the seeds, you have to be patient and maintain the foundation of what you’ve build.

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