The Truth of It All

We all know it’s been asked time and time again, “What do you want in the long run out of your life?” We all have hopes and dreams we want to fulfill, different routes we want to take through life. But we’re all (well most of us) going to end up the same in the end. We’ll either be stuffed away like a number in a nursing home or living with out children/grandchildren and feeling bad about them having to help manage our lives.

The reality of this question is, its’ not as easy of an answer as it seems. And as you live your life and experience new things your answer will change. When your young and stupid you want fame and money, but as you age and become more mature you want happiness and health.

Our outcome in life isn’t always what we’d want it to be. But in the meantime, it’s about making the most you can out of what you love doing. The reason many people goto college, participate in training seminar, start a hobby, etc. is because they want to spend the bulk of their life doing what they’re passionate about. You don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire living extravagantly or a philanthropist in order to be happy. But you do want to look back and tell people you did something amazing with your life, that you weren’t just a couch potato sitting back coasting through life and always hoping for more.

At the moment my children and fiance, are my number one priorities. But I am still passionate about what makes me happy, with keeps my mind going, and something that pushes my limits. If you’re deeply passionate about an interest, you don’t just make it a hobby, don’t think about pushing it aside and saying it’s just a phase. Think about diving head first into it, make a life out of doing what you enjoy. And creating a stable life for you and your family in the long run.